We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help.

Please donate today.

We know that you have many opportunities to improve the lives of others, and Karis is not the only worthy recipient. But we are reaching out to you in the hope you are able to help us with a pressing need. Karis is experiencing the impact of a changing landscape in the world of philanthropy. Some charitable foundations that have been consistent and enthusiastic supporters of Karis have more selectively defined their parameters for giving. We have recently been denied funding by 3 of these foundations. These denials have led to an unanticipated shortfall of $70,000 by the close of our fiscal year, 6/30/17. The faithful Board of Directors and Karis staff have stepped up and generously contributed to reduce our shortfall by $15,000.

Many of you know Drew Pounds, our Facilities Manager/Peer Specialist. When Drew heard this news he decided to contribute $250 toward our deficit. He is asking that you match his gift, or give whatever amount you can. Thank you for your compassion and generosity to Karis Community and support of our mission.