Ways to Give Later

Will & Bequest Gifts
Gifts made through wills or living trusts (bequests and other types of testamentary arrangements) can provide considerable support for Karis Community, and help reduce estate taxes. Gifts may be directed in the form of cash or specific asset. In addition, a dollar amount or designated percentage  of the estate can be directed through a trust or will.

Gifts of Life Insurance
A gift of an old or unneeded policy, or a new life insurance policy, can help leverage a relatively small outlay on the part of the donor into a very significant gift for Karis Community. Options for arranging a gift include naming Karis Community as the beneficiary of a policy, or Karis Community can be named owner and beneficiary, maximizing charitable tax benefits.

Life Income Gifts
It is possible to make a significant gift to Karis without giving up income from current assets. These types of gifts include charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Earn an income tax deduction and reduce estate taxes. When the last beneficiary of a life income gift passes, the remainder then comes to Karis Community.

Gifts of Charitable Lead Trusts
Consider a Charitable Lead Trust gift to Karis Community. Charitable Lead Trusts can be an appealing means of transferring assets to heirs at reduced or eliminated Gift or Estate Tax costs, while providing immediate support to Karis Community. A Lead Trust pays Karis Community for a set period of years, at the end of which the Trust’s assets revert either to the donor or the donor’s heirs.

Gifts of Real Estate
Gifts of Real Estate can take various forms, including the outright gift of a home, building, or property; or a retained Life Estate arrangement, in which a gift of your residence to Karis Community today, but continue to live in it. Such gifts provide a substantial contribution to Karis Community while giving you tax benefits such as savings on Capital Gains and Estate taxes.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
Gifts from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k) plan, Keogh plan, or other qualified retirement savings plan can be highly advantageous to you as well as Karis Community. If you intend to leave these assets to anyone other than your spouse when you pass, they could be the most heavily taxed of all assets through both income and estate taxes. By naming Karis Community as beneficiary of retirement plan assets, you can make a contribution and potentially save significant taxes for your heirs.