Karis Community is a therapeutic community which offers a residential living program for men and women who are recovering from serious and persistent mental illness, and are in transition to independent living.

We emphasize the development of interpersonal relationships and improvement of self-care skills.

Applicants to Karis Community are referred by social workers, private therapists, mental health workers, former Community Members, and family members.

Applicants are screened by the Program Coordinator or the Executive Director, and those considered to benefit from our program are invited to dinner with the residents of the Karis Community. Applicants are invited to join the community based upon the decision of current Community Members.

Residents fees help to offset approximately 36% of the costs of providing safe, comfortable housing and a professional support staff.

A typical Community Member lives at Karis for an average of 14 to 16 months and then moves on to independent living. Success in this transition is directly related to the achievement of appropriate independent living skills and the development of a personal support system.